Johnnie To: Expect the Unexpected

Needing You...

Goo nam gwa neui

Johnnie To and Wai Ka-faiHong Kong103 minutes2000PGColourCantonese

Dec 15
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Needing You… was the most popular of To's many romantic comedies, not least because it pairs two of Hong Kong's most appealing stars: suavely handsome Andy Lau, oozing easy charisma, and endearingly kooky Sammi Cheng, sublimating her natural glamour. Deftly satirizing the workplace milieu he would later memorably musicalize in Office, To sets up an unlikely romance between Kinki (Cheng), an office worker with a cleaning fetish, and Wah Siu (Lau), a womanizing department manager boss with a (purely gastronomic) fondness for bull penis. Needing You… was To's first film co-directed (and scripted) with his Milkyway Image partner Wai Ka-fai, whose antic, absurdist-comic sensibility neatly complements To's formal control. "[A] neurotic, psycho-pathological comedy that is the essence of To's work with Wai" (Stephen Teo).