Memories of Murder

Salinui chueok

Bong Joon HoSouth Korea131 minutes2003ColourKorean

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Based on a series of rapes and murders in Gyeong-ji Province that occurred between 1986 and 1991, Bong Joon Ho's stunning procedural thriller vividly recalls the rage and desperation of the officers investigating the case of South Korea's first serial killer. After the body of a woman is found in a ditch, the bungling local police mishandle the crime, and all the evidence is destroyed. Two more murders soon follow, and the cops try to solve the case the only way they know how: by violently coercing a confession from the town halfwit and consulting a shaman to find the culprit. But even when a slick, experienced detective from Seoul arrives to take over the case, the killer remains as elusive as ever — and the cool urban cop starts to lose his marbles as he becomes fixated on one particular suspect. A shrewd story of anti-heroism and human fallibility infused with quirky humour, Memories of Murder established Bong as one of South Korean cinema's top directors.