Sofia Coppola: A Name of Her Own

Marie Antoinette

Sofia CoppolaUSA123 minutes2006PGColourEnglish

Dec 15
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Based on Antonia Fraser's revisionist biography of the doomed teen queen, Coppola's most expensive production to date is a gilded mash-up of period-specific authenticity and giddily ahistorical cinematic flourish. Kirsten Dunst plays the young Austrian archduchess who is married off to the Dauphin of France (Jason Schwartzman) to cement an alliance between the two countries. Bored by the dull routines of court life and frustrated by her husband's inability to consummate the marriage, Marie forges her own regime of extravagant spending, glamorous fêtes, and amorous dalliances. Sheltered from an increasingly turbulent populace and shut out from the business of governance, Marie becomes a trophy wife locked up in a prison of gold, glass, and other pretty little things — and pretty they are indeed, as Coppola lingers on the luxurious trappings of all yesterday's parties (accompanied by pointedly anachronistic soundtrack cuts) to satirically comment on the ways in which women are both forced and buy in to their own marginalization by way of conspicuous consumption.