Man with a Movie Camera

Chelovek s kinoapparatom

Dziga VertovUSSR68 minutes1929RB&WSilent

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Voted the greatest documentary of all time by an international poll of critics and directors in Sight & Sound, the ever-amazing Man with a Movie Camera was denounced by Eisenstein as "cine-hooliganism"— all the more reason to see it! Dziga Vertov's virtuosic "city symphony" seems more stunning every time you see it; so intensively have its patterns of imagery and editing effects been worked out that it reveals new meanings, new visual riches with every viewing. Merging three Soviet cities (Moscow, Kiev, and Odessa) into one, and orchestrating his images of urban life and labour with what can only be called a syncopation of ecstasy, Dziga Vertov (his name appropriately means "spinning top") produced a work that quickly became a central document of the international avant-garde. "More than any movie I know, Man with a Movie Camera celebrates the sensory bombardment of 20th-century urban life. . . . A kind of cinematic Ulysses" (J. Hoberman).

Digital restoration courtesy of MK2 and Lobster Films.