Tony RichardsonUK / France103 minutes1966RB&WFrench

Jul 18
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Purple, perverse, malicious, delicious, Mademoiselle has a script by Jean Genet and a delectably depraved performance by Jeanne Moreau as the eponymous Miss, a supposedly prim schoolteacher in a rural French village who finds sexual pleasure in disciplining schoolboys, creating floods, and dabbling in arson. When an Italian itinerant who has aroused rampant lust among the local women encounters the institutrice in a storm, they don't need a match to light the night on fire. One must turn to Patti Smith's famous paean to Mademoiselle to capture the full flavour of their mating: "When they fuck it's so heavy…. He rips off her dress and she's like an instant animal. He makes her crawl through the field barking like a dog and she's got this chiffon dress on, which he rips to shreds." (Believe us, that's not a spoiler!)