Lime Kiln Club Field Day

T. Hayes Hunter and Edwin MiddletonUSA65 minutes1913PGB&WSilent

View Lime Kiln Club Field Day during the Lime Kiln Club Field Day introduced by Ashley Clark event.

The earliest documented film with an all-Black principal cast, this unfinished silent romantic comedy was recently discovered in the vaults of New York's Museum of Modern Art, and was reassembled for a public premiere in 2014. The film stars legendary vaudeville performer Bert Williams — wearing blackface, in concession to entertainment standards of the day — as a dandy fighting off two other suitors for the love of a woman. Williams proves to be a leading man of some depth, blending impressive slapstick abilities with emotional range.

Print courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Preserved by The Museum of Modern Art with support from the Lillian Gish Trust for Film Preservation.