Le Trou

The Hole

Jacques BeckerFrance131 minutes1960PGB&WFrench

Aug 13
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Perhaps the most suspenseful of all prison-break movies, clearly influenced by the cinema of Robert Bresson (especially A Man Escaped), the newly restored Le Trou proves that its director Jacques Becker "deserves to be considered one of the most important French filmmakers of the generation that immediately preceded the New Wave" (James Travers). Splendidly acted by an ensemble that includes Marc Michel from Jacques Demy's Lola and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Le Trou chronicles in excruciating detail the escape plans of a group of convicts in a high-security Paris prison. As their nightly attempts to break through their cell's concrete floor to freedom proceed, the taut, tersely cut Le Trou expertly builds tension right up to the shock ending. "Becker's last and perhaps greatest film" (Chris Fujiwara).