Law of Desire

La ley del deseo

Pedro AlmodóvarSpain102 minutes1987RColourSpanish

Mar 12
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Pining for the neglectful lover he adores, a gay director falls into the snare of a violent and possessive young fan (Antonio Banderas), in what Almodóvar has called "the key film in my life and career."

Like the recent hit Stranger by the Lake, Almodóvar's sixth film probes the perils of our need for love, the ways in which it can both invigorate and paralyze us. Pablo (Eusebio Poncela) is the gay director of such art-house fare as Remake, Shitface, and Halitosis. His sister Tina (Carmen Maura) is a transsexual single mother and struggling actress who, citing two failed affairs with two equally inappropriate partners — her father and her padre — has given up on men. Pablo, meanwhile, feeling neglected by the lover he adores, drifts through a series of one-night stands, leading him into the snare of Antonio (Antonio Banderas), a violent and possessive young fan. Seeking to prevent potential producer interference with his uncompromising story, Almodóvar established the production company El Deseo with his brother Agustín, and reaped the rewards when the film took off both critically and commercially. "It's the key film in my life and career. It deals with my vision of desire[:] the absolute necessity of being desired, and the fact that in the interplay of desires it's rare that two desires meet and correspond" (Almodóvar).

Gender, Sexuality + IdentityMystery + ThrillerComedy