La France

Serge BozonFrance102 minutes200714AColourFrench

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"One of the incontestable masterpieces of the last decade" (Michelle Carey, Cinema Scope), Serge Bozon's La France follows Camille (Sylvie Testud), a young woman who disguises herself as a 17-year-old boy and sets off to find her MIA husband on the battlefields of World War I. She soon hooks up with a troop of battle-scarred soldiers under the command of a gruff lieutenant (Pascal Greggory), who have deserted the front and are attempting to cross the border into a neutral country. As the soldiers shuffle towards their goal, they intermittently break out in impromptu song, crooning original compositions (by Fugu and the film's assistant director Benjamin Esdraffo) styled after Bozon's beloved "pop-psych" groups of the 1960s — resulting in an unclassifiable hybrid of war movie and musical that somehow manages to cross Raoul Walsh and Sam Fuller with Brian Wilson and Syd Barrett.