Justice, My Foot!

Sam sei goon

Johnnie ToHong Kong102 minutes1992PGColourCantonese

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In its "postmodern" era of the 1980s and '90s, Hong Kong cinema was celebrated for mixing deliriously fast verbal and physical comedy, and no film did this to more exhilarating effect than To's splendid period action-comedy, starring HK box-office king and superstar moleitau (nonsense wordplay) comedian Stephen Chow. Chow plays Qing dynasty lawyer Sung Shih-chieh, who uses his zany wit and verbal pyrotechnics in the courtroom to battle arbitrary imperial power and uphold justice; meanwhile, his wife (the spectacularly gifted comedian and pop star Anita Mui) tackles injustice more directly by soaring through the air and delivering high-flying kicks both devastating and delicate. Rabelaisian gender and power inversions (not to mention humour: flatulence is a key comic device here) run rampant in this extraordinary mock-Qing world, and the ceaselessly inventive language of HK cinema is subversively retooled to become a weapon against oppression.

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