Georges FranjuFrance95 minutes1963PGColourFrench

Sep 2
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Possibly the most fun you will have all summer (and unscreened in Toronto since our Georges Franju retrospective two decades ago), this glistening, paranoid mystery features sequences that almost outdo Franju's classic Eyes Without a Face for haunting surrealism: a murder at a costume ball seems to prefigure David Lynch with its startling dream imagery. Judex (Channing Pollock) is the invincible avenger who defends the good and the innocent against a murderous business tycoon and the insidious Diana Monti (whose sinuous, cat-suited villain the great British critic Raymond Durgnat interpreted as signifying her lesbianism!). Drawing on the Louis Feuillade silent serial of the same name, Judex fires off one astonishing set piece of derring-do and perversity after another. "Pure entertainment, pure charm, a total success" (L'Express).

Print courtesy of the Cinémathèque Française.