In the Waves

Jacquelyn MillsCanada61 minutes2017GColourEnglish

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In Jacquelyn Mills' impressionistic documentary, the director's 80-year-old grandmother Joan Alma Mills struggles to come to terms with the death of her younger sister and searches for answers to life's big questions in the natural beauty that surrounds her home in a coastal village. Elliptical scenes of Joan's daily life, and glimpses of the filmmaker's more camera-shy grandfather, are interspersed with spoken musings on mortality; a visit from a young niece invites a juxtaposition of the beginnings and endings of life, and evokes ideas about the nature of existence. Small and intimate, In the Waves nevertheless feels as though it reaches out into infinity: Mills moves effortlessly between observational documentary and non-narrative visual poetry, capturing fleeting moments of grace such as reflected light dancing on a wall. This is a soulful rumination on the passage of time — its ebbs, flows, and eternal mysteries.