In the Shadow of Love: The Cinema of Philippe Garrel

In the Shadow of Women

L’Ombre des Femmes

Philippe GarrelFrance73 minutes201514AB&WFrench

Feb 24
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    "A swift tale of what men and women want versus what they settle for" (Farran Smith Nehme, New York Post), In the Shadow of Women marks Garrel's second entry in his "trilogy of love," following Jealousy and preceding last year's Lover for a Day. Bohemian couple Manon (Clotilde Corrau) and Pierre (Stanislas Merhar) are working together on a documentary about a French Resistance veteran. Unaware that her husband has begun an affair with a beautiful young intern, Manon nevertheless feels his distance, and drifts into an affair of her own. After the couple separates, Pierre is consumed with jealousy over Manon's affair even as he is unable to admit and accept the responsibility of his own infidelity. "In so shrewdly exploring the illusions — namely (self-)deception — required to keep a dyad functioning, Garrel shows just how much we all remain, consciously or not, in the dark" (Melissa Anderson, Village Voice); "Garrel captures creative and erotic passions with a spontaneous classicism and a monumental poise" (Richard Brody, The New Yorker).