I'm So Excited

Los amantes pasajeros

Pedro AlmodóvarSpain90 minutes201314AColourSpanish

Apr 4
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The passengers of a doomed airplane helplessly circling the skies above an airport look to get lit and laid before it all ends, in Almodóvar's first out-and-out comedy in 25 years.

"Everything that happens in this film is fiction and fantasy, and bears no relation to reality," caution the credits of I'm So Excited — which, coming as it does prior to a film involving an elaborate, Pointer Sisters-scored dance sequence aboard a doomed airplane, clearly signals that Almodóvar is up to something here. After its landing gear is compromised, an in-flight airliner helplessly circles the skies as its fuel gradually runs dry. With the Economy passengers drugged, most of the action takes place in Business Class and the, ahem, cockpit, where the few remaining conscious folks (including the pilot, a Ponzi-scheming businessman, and a psychic virgin) are preoccupied with getting lit and laid before it all ends. Almodóvar's first out-and-out comedy in 25 years, I'm So Excited is an undisguised allegory for the director's scandal-plagued homeland — though the heavy political undertones are considerably lightened via end-to-end gags about oral sex, bitchy flight attendants, and mescaline-spiked "Valencia Cocktails." "The mix of the absurd and the acerbic is often sublime; for Almodóvar, even a country's deeply ingrained dilemmas are occasion for some leavening burlesque" (Time Out New York).

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