High Sierra

Raoul WalshUSA99 minutes1941PGB&WEnglish

Aug 6
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Recruited by an old friend to pull off one last big job, recently released ex-con Roy "Mad Dog" Earle (Humphrey Bogart) reluctantly takes charge of a crew of amoral amateurs — one of whom has brought his girlfriend, dance-hall girl Marie (Ida Lupino), along for the ride, much to Earle's displeasure. While plotting the heist, Earle meets and falls in love with a disabled young woman who comes to represent the honest, "normal" life he so desires, and blinds him to the devotion of Marie, whose tough exterior conceals a tender heart. Bogart got his breakout role as the good-badman Earle in Raoul Walsh's classic gangster movie, but it's Lupino (who at this time was the more established star) who gets top billing, and the two make one of film noir's great doomed romantic pairings as they flee to the San Bernardino Mountains on the way to Earle's fateful showdown with an army of law enforcement officers. While unfortunately marred by an appallingly racist portrayal of a Black handyman/servant (played by Willie Best with a full repertoire of eye-rollings and "yassuhs"), High Sierra remains one of the top Hollywood crime movies of the 1940s.

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