Funny Girl: The Films of Elaine May

Heaven Can Wait

Warren Beatty and Buck HenryUSA101 minutes1978PGColourEnglish

Jun 10
Jun 15
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    After her troubles with Mikey and Nicky May turned her attention to screenwriting, and received an Oscar nomination for this updating of the 1941 fantasy Here Comes Mr. Jordan, which she co-wrote with the film's producer, co-director and star Warren Beatty. Beatty plays promising Los Angeles Rams back-up quarterback and clarinet enthusiast Joe Pendleton, who is prematurely sent to Heaven after a newbie guardian angel (co-director Buck Henry) misjudges the outcome of a traffic accident. As Joe's mortal remains have been cremated, his celestial caseworker Mr. Jordan (James Mason) returns the gentle jock to Earth in the body of a recently murdered millionaire. In his new incarnation, Joe sets out to return to the field and win the Super Bowl, while romancing an environmental activist (Julie Christie). "Combine[s] the sweetness and innocence of the original [film] with a satirical bite all its own.... the kind of upbeat screwball comedy Hollywood used to do smoothly and well" (Roger Ebert).