Le Coeur en braille

Michel BoujenahFrance89 minutesPGAges 11- 13Grades 6- 8French

A talented 12-year-old cellist, who is concealing the fact that she suffers from a degenerative eye disease, struggles to keep her affliction secret so that she can finish the school year and audition for a prestigious music academy.

A talented cellist and top student, 12-year-old Marie has a secret that she hasn’t shared with anyone at school: she has a degenerative eye disease. Her protective parents believe she should move to a leading medical facility for treatment, but Marie wants to finish the school year and audition for a prestigious music academy. Meanwhile, Marie offers to tutor her classmate Victor, who is having difficulties with his school work — and also harbours a secret crush on Marie. The two develop a strong friendship, and Marie eventually confides in Victor about her eyesight. Together, they hatch a plan: he will help cover up her deteriorating vision in class so she can finish the school year and perform her audition.

Based on the book Le coeur en braille, Heartstrings is a beautifully crafted and moving film that boasts remarkably strong performances from its young leads. Guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings, it’s a wonderful testament to the power of friendship, family and inner strength.

Content Advisory: Mild language, adult slaps a child and another adult, teacher gives student a pill, two young characters exchange a brief kiss