Eyes Without a Face

Les Yeux sans visage

Georges FranjuFrance90 minutes196014AB&WFrench

Aug 5
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"One of the most poetic horror films in the history of cinema" (Evening Standard) is also one of the most shocking: when half a dozen audience members fainted at a screening of Eyes at the Edinburgh Film Festival, director Georges Franju ungallantly snapped, "Now I know why Scotsmen wear skirts." In a secluded chateau in the French countryside, an unhinged surgeon (Pierre Brasseur) sends his assistant (Alida Valli) into the city to kidnap young women so that he can graft their faces onto the mutilated visage of his beloved daughter (Edith Scob). Acclaimed for its surrealistic imagery — Scob, her face an immobile mask, wanders into the night surrounded by dogs and doves — Eyes Without a Face will haunt your dreams. "Franju and master cinematographer Eugan Schüfftan can create the kind of single image that reminds you just why the cinema is the major art form of the 20th century" (Time Out London).