Magnificent 70mm

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

Steven SpielbergUSA115 minutes1982GColourEnglish

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    Left on Earth when his spaceship flees from a group of government agents, a friendly, big-eyed, long-necked alien is forced to hide out in California suburbia. Befriended by ten-year-old Elliott (Henry Thomas), "E.T." is introduced to the earthly customs of television viewing, trick-or-treating and beer-drinking while trying to "phone home" for a galactic pick-up — but his black-clad human pursuers are still hot on his tail. Steven Spielberg's beloved sci-fi fantasy is a domestic companion piece to the awe-inspiring celestial panorama of his earlier Close Encounters of the Third Kind: rather than Richard Dreyfuss' exhilarating/frightening final voyage into the cosmic unknown, in E.T. wonder and enchantment lie right in one's own backyard.