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Kon IchikawaJapan99 minutes195814AB&WJapanese

Aug 9
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Beautiful beyond belief, especially in this new 4K restoration, Kon Ichikawa's personal favourite of his own films is an intense rendering of Yukio Mishima's best-selling novel The Temple of the Golden Pavilion. (Ichikawa was Mishima's favourite director, and from this adaptation it is easy to see why.) Based, like Mishima's novel, on a true story, Enjo tells the tale of a young student who aspires to become a monk in order to escape the humiliation of his stammer and his hatred for his sexually promiscuous mother. The acolyte's ideal of purity soon turns to obsession, and when he discovers that the priests of his order are also prone to sexual desire, he sets out to destroy his beloved symbol of pure beauty: Kyoto's revered temple of the Golden Pavilion. With unnerving music by Toshiro Mayuzumi and masterful, architectonic widescreen cinematography by the great Kazuo Miyagawa (who was recently celebrated with a retrospective at New York's Museum of Modern Art), Enjo creates a mounting sense of devotion and disgust that culminates in a pyrosexual act.