Die Nibelungen: Siegfried

Fritz LangGermany149 minutes1924PGB&WSilent

Sep 1
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Fritz Lang's stunning two-part fantasy epic was the silent era's Lord of the Rings. In Part One, Siegfried, the eponymous warrior prince sets out to woo the beautiful princess Kriemhild (Margarete Schön) in faraway Burgundy, encountering numerous perils and, in a legendary set piece, slaying a fierce dragon and bathing in its blood, which renders him invincible — or so he thinks. Arriving in Burgundy, Siegfried wins the love of Kriemhild, but court intrigue — spearheaded by the devious, one-eyed retainer Hagen of Tronje (Hans Adalbert Schlettow) — leads the lovers to tragedy. Breathtakingly imaginative with its expansive scope, innovative special effects, monumental production design and masterful storytelling, Die Nibelungen is unquestionably one of the crowning achievements of silent cinema.