Der müde Tod

Fritz LangGermany98 minutes1921PGB&WSilent

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Fritz Lang's supremely stylized Expressionist fairy tale inspired both Buñuel and Hitchcock to pursue careers in cinema. After her fiancé is abducted by Death (personified to grim perfection by Bernhard Goetzke), a brave young woman (Lil Dagover) is granted three chances to save her lover from the afterlife. Sent on time-tripping journeys to the Persia of The Arabian Nights, Quattrocento Venice and ancient China, our heroine strives to make love triumph over death — but each instance only brings her back to Death's eerie, candlelit realm. Destiny's remarkable production design exerted a powerful influence on fantasy filmmaking in both Germany and America; Douglas Fairbanks was so impressed with the film that he purchased its American rights so that he could copy both its design and effects for his 1924 fantasy opus The Thief of Bagdad.