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Deep Red

Profondo rosso

Dario ArgentoItaly126 minutes1975RColourEnglish Italian

May 12
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    4K Digital Restoration!

    In the fourth feature of Italian horror maestro Dario Argento, Blow-up's David Hemmings stars as an English musician living in Rome who witnesses the murder of a famous psychic. Haunted by an enigmatic memory from the scene of the crime, he joins forces with a reporter (Daria Nicolodi) to track down the culprit, and the duo soon finds their own lives in danger from a mysterious killer obsessed with keeping a dark secret buried. While Argento's previous giallo thrillers had drawn comparisons to Hitchcock, by the time of Deep Red Argento was dunking his MacGuffins in buckets of blood (which are made all the more vivid in this 4K restoration) and moving into the realms of the supernatural and fantastic, paving the way for such future masterpieces as Suspiria and Inferno. (The film also marks the director's first collaboration with the legendary prog-rock band Goblin, who got the gig after Argento failed to entice Pink Floyd.) The camera glides with hypnotic precision through Argento's stylized suspense sequences, and, in his nod to the ubiquitous Hitchcock cameo, the director uses his own black-gloved hands to play those of the murderer in the grisly death scenes.