Dark Passages: The Films of Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall

Dark Passage

Delmer DavesUSA106 minutes194714AB&WEnglish

Jul 1
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    B-B are "In danger as violent as their love!" according to the poster for this deluxe film noir, which makes the best use of San Francisco as a movie set before Hitchcock's Vertigo. Bogart plays Vincent Parry, a man falsely convicted for his wife's murder who escapes from San Quentin and undergoes plastic surgery on his face to elude the police. Bacall is a part-time painter who, convinced of Parry's innocence, stashes him in her posh apartment until his visage heals; a venomous Agnes Moorehead splashes acid as Parry's vengeful ex-girlfriend, who makes a memorable exit from a Chestnut Street apartment. Adapted from a David Goodis novel, Dark Passage is perhaps most famous for its use of first-person camera throughout the film's tense opening sequences, limiting the audience's view to that of Parry's eyes. "[A] dreamlike noir predicated on and inspiring mad passion…. a movie of strange coincidences and occult connections" (J. Hoberman, The New York Times).