Dark Habits

Entre tinieblas

Pedro AlmodóvarSpain114 minutes198314AColourSpanish

Feb 26
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A nightclub singer on the run holes up in a seriously out-of-order convent, in Almodóvar's saucily sacrilegious broadside against the Catholic Church and its continued influence in his homeland.

After her boyfriend accidentally overdoses on the heroin she supplied him with, nightclub singer Yolanda (Cristina Sánchez Pascual) takes refuge in a failing convent run by the order of the "Humiliated Redeemers." Welcomed by the Mother Superior (Julieta Serrano), Yolando soon discovers that God's house is seriously out of order: the few remaining nuns have adopted bizarre names like Sister Manure, Sister Damned and Sister Sewer Rat; one sister is in love with the priest, another pseudonymously authors trashy novels, while the Mother Superior settles for snorting smack; and the cloister also houses an illegally acquired pet tiger. Reportedly rejected by Cannes for "sacrilegious content," the most straightforward comedy in Almodóvar's oeuvre finds the director not-so-subtly attacking the continued influence of the Catholic Church over everyday life in Spain. (Fun fact: a decade after Dark Habits, Almodóvar was approached to direct the similarly plotted but considerably tamer Whoopi Goldberg vehicle Sister Act!)

Gender, Sexuality + IdentityAddiction + RecoveryComedy