Yash ChopraIndia186 minutes1989PGColourHindi

View Chandni during the Divine Stardom: A Sridevi Tribute event.

An unabashed star vehicle for the luminous Sridevi, Chandni also marked a comeback for director Yash Chopra. In this, their first collaboration, Chopra returned to his trademark lush romance, while Sridevi turned up her charm to irresistible levels. The result is a love story for the ages.

Chandni (Sridevi) is a lively young woman who attracts the attention of the wealthy Rohit (Rishi Kapoor). In the act of wooing her, he suffers a disabling accident and withdraws from their romance. She goes on to begin a courtship with her boss, Lalit (Vinod Khanna), but when Lalit and Rohit meet, neither knows their shared connection to Chandni. She’s soon faced with an impossible dilemma.

Sridevi is a marvel here, transforming from sweet ingenue to desirous creature to a young woman deepened by the pain of love. To see her iconic Tandav dance sequence on the big screen is to understand Sridevi’s power. With its memorable music, heartbreaking emotion, and shockingly seductive dance numbers, Chandni revived the Bollywood musical and assured Sridevi’s place in film history.