Black Sun

Sol Negro

Laura Huertas MillánColombia / France / USA42 minutes2016PGColourSpanish

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Based on the experiences of Millan's aunt, who was diagnosed with bipolarity and a personality disorder after attempting suicide, Black Sun focuses on Antonia, a singer recovering from a suicide attempt in an institution, and her struggle to free herself from the dark family fate she believes herself consigned to. "Antonia is a fictional character inspired by the real life of my aunt, [whose] diagnosis echoed her mother's (my grandmother's) own suicide attempt and her sister's (my mother's) mental illness…. Struggling against this already-written fate, I was intuitively searching [for] the power of cinema as a pharmakon (a poison and a healer), to hallucinate our own (her)story. Black Sun unfolded as an ethnographic (auto)fiction, a research about trauma and resilience" (Laura Huertas Millán).