At Eye Level

Auf Augenhöhe

Joachim Dollhopf and Evi GoldbrunnerGermany98 minutes2016PGAges 11- 13ColourGermanToronto Premiere

In this tender tale of broadened perspectives, a young boy has his preconceptions challenged when, upon meeting his long-lost father, he discovers his dad is the same height as he is.

Michi, 11, has been living in a group home since the death of his mother. He has never known his father, but becomes determined to locate "Tom" after discovering a lost letter his mother wrote. An online search leads Michi to his father's doorstep, where he waits for a while before leaving a note. A neighbour tells Michi that Tom is usually rowing at that time of day, so Michi makes his way to the water — where his excitement is replaced with shock when he sees that Tom is the same height as him, shattering the vision of his father he had constructed. He races back to Tom's apartment to retrieve the note, but it's too late. Michi avoids questions from his friends and hopes that Tom won't get in touch. When Tom does show up, both of their lives will change in unexpected ways.

This film is a testament to the remarkable relationships that are possible when perspectives are broadened and individuals embrace each other's differences.

Content Advisory: coarse language, derogatory language and actions, sexual references and sexual acts imitated