Jean-Pierre JeunetFrance / Germany122 minutes200114A

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A shy waitress (Audrey Tautou) working in a Parisian cafe becomes deeply invested in bettering the lives of others, while changing her own life in the process, in Jean-Pierre Jeunet's whimsical, award-winning feature.

Full of imagination, creativity, and wonder, Amélie triumphantly presents a gloriously awkward and unlikely eponymous heroine. Shifting from tragedy to fantasy, the film's emphasis on Amélie's lifelong curiosity, from girlhood through to adulthood, culminates in her working in a café, enjoying the simple pleasures, and helping others. Whether or not that help is desired is another question entirely, as she often barges into people's lives, but always intervening with the intention of making things better or just feeling a little lighter. Accompanied by a delightful soundtrack and a nostalgic ambiance, Amélie is a true joy to witness on the big screen.


I love this movie because it never fails to make me smile. The dreamy streets of Paris, a wise painter and witty lines... it's the classic French romance that everyone has to see. — Emma Cheuk, TIFF Next Wave Committee