A Kid From Somewhere

Adam Beck and Paul JohnstonCanada54 minutes2017PGEnglish

Feb 17
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Extended post-screening panel with creators Olivia Bee and Patrick O'Rourke, and filmmakers Adam Beck and Paul Johnston!

Paul Johnston and Adam Beck's A Kid From Somewhere offers a glimpse into the lives of three talented young creators: 23-year-old photographer Olivia Bee, whose work has been used in campaigns for Converse, Adidas, Fiat, Hermes, and Nike; up-and-coming Toronto-based photographer and skateboarder Patrick O'Rourke; and La Timpa, a Nigerian-born, Toronto-based songwriter and musician currently on tour across Europe and North America. The film speaks to the courage and creative spirit of a new generation of young artists working today. La Timpa captures the energy and ethos of these artists when, at one point in the film, he states that "I like to think of myself as fearless. There's definitely times where 'I'm like, 'what am I living right now, what am I really doing, what am I living for right now?,' but I make it a thing to conquer it. My biggest fear is losing who I am or losing my imagination, or feeling like I have no control of my life — that's scary to me."

For La Timpa, Olivia, and Pat, creating art isn't separate from their lives; they see the world through their imagination and create magic by living. It's that authenticity and courage that makes these creators' stories so captivating.


Additional Credits

Adam Beck, Paul Johnston
Production Company
Free Studio
Olivia Bee, LA Timpa, Pat O’Rourke