Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould with Colm Feore and Don McKellar

98 minutesPG

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Screenwriter Don McKellar and star Colm Feore join us to present this special screening of François Girard’s kaleidoscopic portrait of the great Canadian pianist.

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Don McKellar

Don McKellar was born in Toronto. A prolific actor, director, and screenwriter, he directed the Festival films Last Night (98), which won the Prix de la jeunesse at Cannes, Childstar (04), The Grand Seduction (13), and the short It's Not You (15).

Colm Feore

Colm Feore is one of Canada’s most celebrated actors and has created a host of indelible characterizations on film, television, and the stage, in both French and English. Feore is well-remembered in Canada for his Gemini-winning performance in the mini-series Trudeau, and his Genie-nominated turn as the legendary pianist in Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould. In 13 seasons at the Stratford Festival he portrayed virtually all of Shakespeare’s leading men, including Richard III, Iago, Romeo, Hamlet and Macbeth. His screen credits include Jack Ryan, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Thor, as well as the Showtime miniseries The Borgias. As a champion of Canadian culture, Feore has lent his time and talents to many good works, including his role as host of the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards for the past several years.