There is Land: The Films of Ana Vaz

81 minutesG

Aug 7
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Brazilian filmmaker Ana Vaz makes films rich in beauty and political attentiveness, engaging with the ghosts of colonialism and modernity that infuse both her country and the rest of the Americas. Her first film Sacris Pulso uses a film version of Clarice Lispector's vision of Brasília, Brasiliários, as source material to create an inter-temporal family voyage into the Oscar Niemeyer-designed city; the capital is referenced again in The Age of Stone, which travels to western Brazil and places an entropic structure into fraught conversation with Niemeyer's original designs. In Occidente, Vaz voyages to Portugal to delve into a history of colonialism, but instead sees its struggles being re-performed in everyday interactions; There is Land returns home, exploring the backcountry to investigate the notion of land ownership in a country as vast as Brazil. Finally, America: Bay of Arrows takes us to a site of first contact, where Christopher Columbus was confronted by the indigenous Taíno — a foundational and formative challenge to a nascent colonialism.

America: Bay of Arrows (Amérika: Bahía de las Flechas) (dir. Ana Vaz \ Brazil 2016 \ 9 min. \ Digital)

Sacris Pulso (dir. Ana Vaz \ Brazil 2007 \ 15 min. \ Digital)

The Age of Stone (A idade da pedra) (dir. Ana Vaz \ Brazil 2013 \ 29 min. \ Digital)

Occidente (dir. Ana Vaz \ Brazil 2014 \ 15 min. \ Digital)

There is Land (Há Terra!) (dir. Ana Vaz \ Brazil 2016 \ 13 min. \ Digital)

Ana Vaz

Ana Vaz is a Brazilian artist and filmmaker whose films, installations, and performances have been exhibited in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Recently, her films have screened at Videobrasil, the New York Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival, Cinéma du Réel, and Doc's Kingdom, in Portugal. In 2015 Vaz won the Kazuko Trust Award from the Film Society of Lincoln Center.