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Apr 22
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    Samer Muscati, Director of the International Human Rights Program at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law, will lead a post-film Q&A, featuring Dr. Srbijanka Turajlic, academic, politician, and activist, and subject of the film; writer and former war crimes prosecutor Eliott Behar; and Human Rights Watch Communications Director and former New York Times journalist Emma Daly. The panel will speak about their firsthand experiences their firsthand experiences with Serbia's turbulent political history.

    Eliott Behar

    Eliott Behar is a writer and former war crimes prosecutor. As a Crown Attorney in Toronto, he argued trials and appeals in cases ranging from hate crimes to murder, and spent three years in a dedicated unit prosecuting police officers. From 2008 to 2010, he prosecuted war crimes for the United Nations, based in The Hague. His book Tell It To The World: International Justice and the Secret Campaign to Hide Mass Murder in Kosovo (15) was shortlisted for the Weston Writers Trust Prize, the largest non-fiction book prize in Canada.

    Emma Daly

    Emma Daly is the Communications Director at Human Rights Watch. Prior to that, she worked as Press Director at HRW and also spent 18 years as a journalist for The New York Times, the Independent, Newsweek, the Observer and Reuters, among others. She has contributed to several books including Secrets of the Press – the Penguin Book of Journalism and Crimes of War: What the Public Should Know. Daly graduated from the University of East Anglia with a BA in philosophy and literature.

    Samer Muscati

    Samer Muscati is the Director of the International Human Rights Program at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law. A lawyer, documentary photographer, and former journalist, Muscati has conducted numerous fact-finding missions over seven years as a researcher for Human Rights Watch.

    Srbijanka Turajlic

    Dr. Srbijanka Turajlic is a retired a professor of control engineering from Belgrade, Serbia. In the mid-1990s she was chair of the board of the Alternative Academic Educational Network (AAEN), an NGO in whose founding she participated. In the first post-Milosevic government, Turajilic served as the Deputy Minister for Education of the Republic of Serbia, and was in charge of steering the higher education reform process.