Higher Learning: The Art of Foley Sound

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The Foley artist turns the smallest of sonic details into dramatic close-ups of sound. Join us as we welcome three of the industry’s top Foley professionals.

From a superhero’s cape to the squeak in a character’s footsteps, Foley artists create bespoke sounds for nearly everything we hear in a film. Three of the industry’s top Foley professionals — Alyson Dee Moore (Foley Artist, Warner Bros.), MaryJo Lang (Foley Mixer, Warner Bros.) and Andy Malcolm (Footsteps Studio) — join us to discuss career highlights, the origins of their craft, and what it's like to work with directors such as David Fincher, Terrence Malick, and Christopher Nolan.

This event is co-presented with the Cinema Studies Institute at Innis College.

This event is open to post-secondary students and faculty only. Students or faculty looking to reserve tickets to this event can email hlf@tiff.net with their request.

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Benjamin Wright

Benjamin Wright is a lecturer in Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto. He received his Ph.D. from the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture at Carleton University in Ottawa and was previously the Provost Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. His work on industry studies, film sound and music, and film technology has appeared in numerous journals and book collections, and he is currently completing a monograph that examines the production culture and professional practices of sound and music professionals in the American film industry.

Alyson Dee Moore

Alyson Dee Moore was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California. At age 16, she got a job as an assistant to a Sound Effects Editor and was introduced to the Foley stage. She has worked on television shows like Knot’s Landing (79–93), Falcon’s Crest (81–90), Beverly Hills 90210 (90–00), Twin Peaks (90–91), and Melrose Place (92–99), and also won an Emmy Award for her work on the miniseries The Shining (97). She shifted into the feature-film world when she began working at Warner Bros. Studios in 1999. She has worked on films that have won Academy Awards for Best Sound Editing, including The Dark Knight (08) and Inception (10).

MaryJo Lang

MaryJo Lang began working in sound production on Friday the 13th, Part 5 (85). She was then hired as a runner at the Foley stage Taj Soundworks, before moving to Warner Bros. Studios in 1992. Lang has worked on over 200 films including the Matrix (99–03) series and the Dark Knight (05—12) films.

Andy Malcolm

Andy Malcolm is an Emmy Award–winning Foley sound artist. He has worked on films such as Moonstruck (87), A History of Violence (05), Alice in Wonderland (10), The Tree of Life (11), The Big Short (15), and Hail, Caesar! (16).