Paul Schrader on Revisiting Transcendental Style in Film

Apr 3
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Legendary director and screenwriter Paul Schrader revisits the themes of his book Transcendental Style in Film — which articulates a common filmmaking aesthetic shared by directors Robert Bresson, Carl Dreyer, and Yasujiro Ozu — in a keynote lecture, followed by an onstage conversation.

Paul Schrader was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His career as a screenwriter and filmmaker spans five decades. His many scripts include Taxi Driver (76), Raging Bull (80), The Last Temptation of Christ (88), and Bringing Out the Dead (99). His features as director include Blue Collar (78), Hardcore (79), American Gigolo (80), Cat People (82), Patty Hearst (88), Light Sleeper (92), Affliction (97), Auto Focus (02), The Walker (07), and The Canyons (13). Dog Eat Dog (16) is his most recent film.

This event is co-presented with the Institute for Christian Studies. This event is part of Opening Frames: Cinema and Transcendence , a two-day conference presented by Ryerson University's Department of Philosophy, The Centre for Philosophy, Religion and Social Ethics at the Institute for Christian Studies, and Imago. For more information and to register for the conference please visit their website.

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