Loot Bag Junior: Animation on Adventure! (Public 4)

67 minutesGAges 7- 9

Embark on action-packed international adventures in several of the year's best animated shorts! Whether soaring through the night skies in search of a moon gone missing, brewing magical potions in search of the mythical unicorn, or learning the most outrageously intricate secret handshake ever conceived, these shorts know no limits!

Intro with Daniela Monzon, director of Animation (According to Children), on April 22

Please note: The screening on April 8 will be presented in a sensory-friendly (lights up, sound down) environment.

This programme includes films from Canada, Ireland, USA, Russia, France, Japan, Australia, and United Kingdom.

Content Advisory: villagers wielding gun and pitchforks, cartoon violence with man accidentally shooting himself in face