Human Flow screening & panel discussion

140 minutesPG

Dec 5
  • Press & Industry screenings and events are only for accredited passes.

Join us for a post-screening discussion in which representatives from Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) examine the global refugee crisis featured in Human Flow, the critically acclaimed documentary from internationally renowned artist Ai Weiwei.

Carol Devine, humanitarian advisor to MSF, moderates the panel with Matthew House's Helton Achaye; Dr. Sarah Giles, a physician who has worked on the front lines, completing four field assignments for MSF; Mberii Kauanivi, a current student at the University of Toronto, who immigrated to Canada in 2011 as a refugee; and Siham Abu Sitta, a settlement worker at Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office, who arrived in 2016 via the Syrian refugee programme.

Carol Devine

Carol Devine is Humanitarian Advisor to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Canada. She is a former Access to Essential Medicines Campaigner as part of an international MSF initiative urging for more affordable, effective, and accessible medicines. Devine has worked in Rwanda, South Sudan, East Timor and Peru for MSF, and has written and researched about refugee health, sexual gender-based violence, and HIV/AIDS. She has represented MSF before Canadian Parliamentary Committees and World Trade Organization ministerial meetings. In her free time, she works on ecological projects in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Helton Achaye

Helton Achaye is from Uganda. He obtained his undergraduate degree in social sciences from Makerere University, as well as his Master's in Business Administration and Arts in Counselling Psychology. Achaye worked in the public sector in Uganda for 20 years before arriving to Canada in 2011 as a refugee. In 2013, he created the groundbreaking Refugee Hearing Program (RHP) at Matthew House, which helps refugee claimants in Toronto to prepare for their hearing at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. He currently works at Matthew House as Manager of Settlement Programs.

Sarah Giles

Dr. Sarah Giles is a Canadian-trained emergency and family physician with a diploma in tropical medicine. She has completed four field assignments with MSF. For her most recent assignment, Giles spent four months aboard Aquarius, one of MSF's search-and-rescue ships in the Mediterranean. In Canada, she works primarily as a locum physician in rural and remote Indigenous communities. Giles is currently a Munk Fellow in Global Journalism at the University of Toronto.

Mberii Kauanivi

Mberri Kauanivi was born in Namibia. He immigrated to Canada 2011 and became a member of the Matthew House family in Toronto, where he has become a strong advocate of the organization's work. He is currently studying astrophysics at the University of Toronto and works as a junior accountant at an intermediate accounting firm.

Siham Abu Sitta

Siham Abu Sitta came to Canada in the beginning of 2016 via the Syrian refugee program initiated by the Canadian government. She has a Master's degree in anthropology, a Bachelor's degree in sociology, as well as a diploma in social services, all from Damascus University. Abu Sitta now works with Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office as a settlement worker.