The Mindfulness Machine

By Seb Lee-Delisle UK Ages 8+ North American Premiere

The Mindfulness Machine is a robot that likes to draw and colour, and makes artistic decisions based on its mood. Mimicking how we use art and colouring as a type of mindful meditation, this playful application of artificial intelligence encourages us to think about what we feel, how we feel it, and how we express it. Does an artificial intelligence need to relax? Can it express feelings and create art?

Originally commissioned by Science Gallery Dublin.

Seb Lee-Delisle is a Brighton-based digital artist and speaker who specializes in large-scale interactive light installations. His work is a celebration of technology that encourages interaction and playfulness from the public. Drawing on his previous experience as a game programmer, he works with electronics, lasers, and high-power projectors to bring his artworks to life.

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