TRIO - The Hunt for the Holy Shrine

TRIO - Jakten på Olavsskrinet

Eva F. DahrNorway77 minutes2017PGAges 10- 13ColourNorwegian EnglishInternational Premiere

Three best friends race to recover a legendary relic while staying one step ahead of a sinister art thief and his ruthless agents.

Following a series of high-profile art thefts, the hunt for "The Shadow" intensifies across Norway.

Meanwhile, Lars, Nora, and Simen are relishing their last days of summer freedom before they must return to school. When a frantic stranger shows up at Nora's home, her grandfather, Rune, starts acting suspiciously. Intrigued, they follow Rune to a crime scene and soon discover that the felony is connected to the search for the legendary St. Olav's Shrine, the location of which has eluded people for centuries. As the Trio pursues a series of clues to uncover the Holy Shrine, they must stay one step ahead of The Shadow's ruthless agents who intend to reach the shrine first and steal the treasure. In this thrilling adventure where alliances are tested, the Trio must battle their own insecurities and ultimately learn to rely on one another.

Content Advisory: one instance of strong language, girl is pushed to the ground, first kiss, punching and holding an adult against their will, kids are threatened with violence

Mystery + ThrillerAcceptanceComing of AgeFamilyAction + Adventure
Eva F. Dahr

Eva Dahr is a prolific Norwegian writer-director, working in television, features, and short films. She has held positions as the short film consultant for the Norwegian Film Institute and is the former head of the Norwegian Directors Association. Her feature The Orange Girl (09), based on Jostein Gaarder’s novel, was an international co-production between Norway, Spain, and Germany. She currently works on the TV series Leave me alone!, which was nominated for an Emmy in 2012. TRIO — The Hunt for the Holy Shrine (17) is her latest film.

Additional Credits

Eva F. Dahr
Production Company
NordicStories, Nordisk Film
Executive Producer
Rasmus Krogh, Inge Tenvik, Stig Bech, Bente Erichsen, Holger Hermesmeyer
Rune H. Trondsen
Trond Morten Venaasen, Morten Hovland
Patrick Säfström
Lars Apneseth
Production Designer
Martin Gant
Thomas Naug, Per Hansen
Original Score
Stein Berge Svendsen, Sindre Hotvedt
Naomi Lien Hasselberg, Bjørnar Lysfoss Hagesveen, Franzisca Tørnqvist, Henrik Hines Grape, Reidar Sørensen, Minh-Khai Phan-Thi, Per Kjerstad, Ole Vidar Skogheim, Bernt Bjørn
International Sales Agent
Sola Media GMBH

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