Room 213

Rum 213

Emelie LindblomSweden81 minutes2017PGAges 11- 13ColourSwedishNorth American Premiere

In this delightfully chilling ghost story, three roommates at summer camp stumble upon the secret of a supernatural mystery rooted in a tragedy from six decades earlier.

Intro and Q&A with director Emelie Lindblom on April 22 & 23

Twelve-year-old Elvira arrives at summer camp feeling anxious and upset because her best friend couldn't join her. She's just getting settled in with her two roommates, Bea and Meja, when a flood forces them to move to Room 213 — where no one has stayed in 60 years. Strange, inexplicable things begin to happen, and the girls grow suspicious of one another. That is, until a letter with ancient handwriting leads them into the woods to the home of an old lady, who tells them of a girl who died at the camp six decades earlier. Could this be the same red-haired girl in a white dress they have seen sneaking through the corridors at night? Based on a book by Swedish children's author Ingelin Angerborn, Room 213 will send a shiver or two down your spine — especially if you don't believe in ghosts.

Content Advisory: mild language, supernatural events, discussion of ghosts, kissing, theft, frightening scenes, not suitable for very young children

Coming of AgeTeamworkMystery + Thriller
Emelie Lindblom

Emelie Lindblom is a Swedish scriptwriter and director born in Halmstad. She graduated from the School of Film Directing, Gothenburg University in 2011. Her latest short 2 (14) was in competition at the Gothenburg International Film Festival and was called "a masterpiece" at the 2015 Seoul International Women’s Film Festival. Room 213 (17) is her debut feature film.

Additional Credits

Emelie Lindblom
Production Company
Dansk Skalle, Film i Skåne
Martin Jern, Emil Larsson
Martin Jern, Emil Larsson
Emil Klang
Margareta Lagerqvist
Production Designer
Miriam Myrtell
Original Score
Hans Lundgren
Wilma Lundgren, Ella Fogelström, Elena Hovsepyan, Pascal Andersson, Filip Laj, Arman Fanni, Paula Sundberg
International Sales Agent
Media Luna New Films

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