Pitch Black

David TwohyUSA109 minutes200014AColourEnglish

Dec 27
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The survivors of a spaceship crash must rely on notorious space outlaw Riddick (Vin Diesel) to lead them to safety when they are besieged by ferocious nocturnal creatures on a desolate planet.

A transport ship with a diverse group of passengers aboard is damaged in mid-spaceflight and forced to ditch on a desert planet, which is kept in perpetual daylight from three suns. The survivors soon discover that the planet's only inhabitants are a species of ferocious, underground-dwelling creatures that, naturally, can only come out in the dark. With a triple solar eclipse rapidly approaching, the group is forced to rely upon the least reliable member of their party: the notorious outlaw Riddick (Vin Diesel), who had a "shine job" performed on his eyes that allows him to see perfectly in the dark. Writer-director David Twohy's tightly made B movie neatly combines sci-fi and horror, and gave the burly, endearingly marble-mouthed Diesel his first starring role; director and star would reunite for two sequels, the outrageously overblown space opera The Chronicles of Riddick and the scaled-back survival thriller Riddick.

HorrorViolenceScience Fiction