Mr. Twister at the Pitch

Mees Kees langs de lijn

Aniëlle WebsterNetherlands77 minutes2016PGAges 9- 10Grades 4- 5ColourDutchInternational Premiere

In this sequel to TIFF Kids 2016 selection Mr. Twister on Stage, the lovable oddball schoolteacher and his class experience numerous pratfalls as they aim to compete in an upcoming soccer tournament — despite none of them (including Mr. Twister) having any experience on the field!

Please note: The screening on April 18 will be presented in a sensory-friendly (lights up, sound down) environment.

Mr. Twister’s students are back at it in the follow-up to Mr. Twister on Stage (TIFF Kids 2016). While developing unique ideas for a large project, Principal Dreus steps in and decides that the class is going to participate in an upcoming soccer tournament. Despite having no previous soccer knowledge, the students and Mr. Twister work together to step up to the challenge. Mr. Twister has to suddenly step away from his coaching responsibilities when his mother is injured. As the students’ success on the field starts to slip, they develop a plan to get their favourite teacher/coach back in action before the season is over — by helping to get his mother home from the hospital.

Content Advisory: adults almost kiss

Aniëlle Webster

Aniëlle Webster is a Dutch filmmaker. She studied audiovisual art and directing at RITS Erasmus Hogeschool in Brussels, and obtained her Masters in Film & TV Science from the University of Amsterdam. She has directed extensively for television and in film. Mr. Twister at the Pitch (16) is her latest film.

Additional Credits

Aniëlle Webster
Production Company
Executive Producer
Chris Derks
Paul Voorthuysen
Tijs van Marle
Philip Hering
Michiel Boesveldt
Production Designer
Donja de Graaf
Marten Negenman
Original Score
Herman Witkam
Sanne Wallis de Vries, Leendert de Ridder, Jelle Stout, Ole Kroes

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