Duncan JonesUK97 minutes200914AColourEnglish

Dec 29
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A lone astronaut on a lunar mining station (Sam Rockwell) discovers a disturbing secret about his past and future, in this clever, hand-crafted sci-fi drama from director Duncan Jones.

Astronaut Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) mans a lonely post on the lunar surface as the maintenance man for an automated mining facility, his only companion the soothingly voiced central computer (Kevin Spacey). After an accident knocks him unconscious, Sam awakens to discover an unexpected new presence on the base: another Sam, possessed of all his memories and convinced that he is just beginning his own three-year tenure at the facility. The Sams soon realize that they are clones, equipped with a three-year lifespan so that the mining company can save money on human astronauts. With the older Sam's life functions slowly shutting down and a company ship en route to the base with orders to exterminate them both, the doppelgängers hatch a desperate escape plan. Duncan Jones (a.k.a. Zowie Bowie) made his directorial debut with this hand-crafted, micro-budgeted sci-fi drama designed specifically as a showcase for Rockwell, who gives a marvellous performance(s) as the assorted Sams.

DramaMystery + ThrillerScience Fiction