Terry GilliamUK132 minutes198514AColourEnglish

Nov 26
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Terry Gilliam's darkly funny vision of a dystopian future has been celebrated as one of the finest science-fictions films and most cutting political satires of all time.

Terry Gilliam, the mad animation genius of Monty Python, made his most ambitious film with this darkly funny vision of a dystopian future. Sam Lowry (Jonathan Pryce) is a meek clerk in a collapsing, retro-fitted and stiflingly bureaucratic Orwellian state who is only free in his dreams, where he becomes a winged warrior saving a maiden in distress. When he attempts to correct an administrative error that resulted in the arrest and execution of an innocent man, he gets drawn into an underground resistance movement involving a rebel repairman (Robert De Niro) and a young woman (Kim Greist) who is the very image of his dream girl. Hilarious and horrifying in equal measure, Brazil is one of modern cinema's most unbridled flights of imagination.

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