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digiPlaySpace Submissions

TIFF Kids is one of the largest children's film festivals in the world! Presented every year in April, the festival offers a diverse slate of films from Canada and around the world — films that take children and parents out of the everyday, and use the power of film to foster thought and encourage discussion about the complex and challenging issues facing young people today, and have lots of fun doing it.

The TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace – presented as part of TIFF Kids – is a six week interactive exhibition for ages 3 through 13 taking place from March to April 2015. In 2014 over 12,000 children, families and educators embarked on interactive adventures filled with laughing, learning and engagement with media technologies, art installations, learning-centric games, mobile apps and much more.

TIFF Kids is seeking FUN and EDUCATIONAL FAMILY-FRIENDLY INTERACTIVE ARTWORKS, GAMES and OTHER DIGITAL MEDIA EXPERIENCES for our 2015 Festival including but not limited to:

  • multi-user interactive projection pieces;

  • multi-player videogames and interactive play experiences (screen based and non-screen-based);

  • digital creative tools;

  • interactive animation;

  • innovative media interfaces and/or interactions driven by gestural, thought-controlled and other unconventional inputs (e.g. multi or single user experiences enabled by LEAP Motion, Kinect, MYO, custom sensors, etc);

  • VR (e.g. Oculus Rift) and other immersive visualization experiences;

  • "DIY Maker" experiences, technologies and toys, robotics, creative circuits, 3D printing / modeling, artistic-and-culturally-minded “Internet of Things” applications;

  • activities related to web and digital literacy, "creative coding", videogame making; (e.g. SCRATCH, Mozilla’s Hackasaurus, Processing, Arduino etc);

  • augmented reality;

  • mobile apps (at this time we are iOS exclusive).

The above are listed only as examples and are not intended to be restrictive format criteria.



About the Festival

An enriching experience that is much more than just a day at the movies, the TIFF Kids International Film Festival includes a public programme for ages 3 through 13, and a two week school programme for students in grades 1 through 8. Featuring the best of Canadian and international cinema for children and youth, TIFF Kids offers a compelling selection of features and shorts on diverse subjects in a variety of genres and styles.

In its first year the festival had an attendance of 2,300. It has grown at a phenomenal pace, increasing its audience to over 38,000 in 2014. In the face of our evolving media landscape, TIFF Kids remains passionate about serving our audiences’ changing needs. We have helped tens of thousands of children get inspired through film, or empowered through the discovery of filmmaking, animation and storytelling and now, with TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace, we are inviting thousands of young creators to discover and play with new media experiences like interactive projection, DIY electronics, video game creation and more.

Find out more information on TIFF Kids’ history or submit a film to TIFF Kids.

TIFF is generously supported by Lead Sponsor Bell, Major Sponsors RBC, L’Oreal Paris, and Visa and Major supporters the Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario, and the City of Toronto.

The TIFF Kids International Film Festival is supported by the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Toronto.

TIFF Kids International Film Festival Industry activities are supported by the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC).

General Rules

Rules and Regulations 2015

TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace will be held from MARCH 7 to APRIL 19, 2015, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Final deadline is November 7, 2014. Early submission is recommended, the festival is entitled to make decisions earlier than the deadline and is not obligated to consider late entries.

There is no submission fee.


We are seeking fun and educational, family friendly artworks, games and other digital media experiences. TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace is a family friendly space where we apply stringent consideration for age, abilities and content appropriateness.

  1. We are only able to invite VERY STABLE pieces that can support many thousands of interactions: stability is a key factor in the decision-making process.

  2. Submissions containing elements of swearing, violence, intolerance towards any culture or religion will not be considered.

  3. Innovation in digital media creation and interaction is a governing principle behind the curation of digiPlaySpace. Combined with the TIFF Learning goals of discovery, accessibility and media literacy, this exhibition:

    1. Prioritizes the curation of installations made by innovative artists working in digital media (both in Canada and internationally).

    2. Ensures every point of visitor interaction is inclusive and accessible for the variety of ages, abilities and learning styles of our 3-13 year old audience.

    3. Encourages multi-user interaction and co-play between children and their parents or guardians. (See the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, “The New Coviewing: Designing for Learning through Joint Media Engagement” |

    4. Critically assesses and carefully integrates each interactive installation, videogame, mobile app, digital creative tool and activity into the exhibition as an overall visitor experience.


In order to successfully submit to the TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace, please ensure that you have fulfilled the following:

  1. Completed the Submission Form

  2. Where appropriate, provide any technical requirements for presentation. Submissions do not need to include full technical specs for initial consideration, however TIFF Kids will require full Technical Specs and Requirements for staging in a gallery prior to accepting any artworks. If it's still unfinished, at a prototype stage or is an original proposal, TIFF Kids will still consider the submission but please note that proven stability (or proven reputation for staging stable works) is a key factor in our decision making.

  3. Should you be informed directly that your artwork has been selected; you will be required to submit publicity materials. A complete list of required materials will be sent to you at that time. Artists selected to participate will be notified before or around November 28, 2014. Artists not selected will be notified by email.

  4. SUBMITTING BY MAIL To arrange submission of any physical materials or samples for consideration, please email: Nick Pagee, with "TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace submission" included in the subject heading. While submitting physical materials is not recommended, please note any materials must be sent prepaid. TIFF Kids will not accept collect or cash-on-delivery shipments. TIFF Kids will not assume responsibility for, nor will it accept, shipments incurring expenses for terminal charges, duties, taxes or customs brokerage. Clearly indicate on all waybills that transportation and customs charges be billed to the sender. Please Note: Any charges for shipping incurred by TIFF will be invoiced back to the sender. RETURN OF MATERIALS: Preview materials and product samples will not be returned unless prior arrangements have been confirmed with TIFF Kids.


As of August 2014, TIFF Kids intends to administer Audience Awards for all major pieces included in the TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace. At this time there are no cash values attached to these awards.