Multiple ArtistsAges 3- 13

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Kids and parents can learn together through play and creation, by exploring a range of games, creative tools, and storytelling activities on the latest mobile and tablet devices.

Presented by Sago Mini.

Curated with specific age ranges in mind, these apps help children develop important skills linked to math, science, reading and writing, and enhance digital skills that are key to 21st-century learning.

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Artie's Magic Pencil - Minilab Ltd
Duckie Deck Homemade Orchestra - Duckie Deck
Endless Alphabet - Originator Inc.
It’s Spring Again - Asya Yurina
LumiKids Park - Lumos Labs, Inc.
Mathie - Michal Kucharczyk
Metamorphabet - Vectorpark, Inc
Moose Math - Duck Duck Moose, Inc
My Very Hungry Caterpillar - StoryToys Entertainment Limited
Pango Playground - Studio Pango
PBS Parents Play & Learn - PBS Kids

CyberChase Shape Quest - PBS Kids
Damki Town - Ahoiii Entertainment UG
DNA Play - Avokiddo Ltd
Loopimal - Lucas Zanotto
Simple Machines - Tinybop Inc.
Slice Fractions - Ululab
Star Walk Kids – Explore Space - Vito Technology Inc.
The Human Body - Tinybop Inc.
The Robot Factory - Tinybop Inc.
Toca Builders - Toca Boca AB
Toca Builders - Toca Boca AB

AGES 10+
Gravity Sketch - Gravity Sketch Ltd.
Hopscotch - Hopscotch Technologies
iBiome Wetland - Springbay Studio Ltd.
Journeys of Invention - Touchpress Ltd
Lines the Game - Gamious B.V.
Monument Valley - ustwo Games Ltd
My Incredible Body - Visible Body
Noticing Tools TM - New York Hall of Science
Prune - Joel McDonald
SimpleRockets - Jundroo, LLC
Thomas Was Alone - Bossa Studios Ltd

Brock Dubbels

Dr. Brock Dubbels is a research psychologist in the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Dubbels specializes in games and software for knowledge and skill acquisition, eHealth, and clinical interventions. He studies the psychological effects of technology on human learning and applies this to the design of software, such as mobile applications and games. He is the founder and principal learning architect at Video Games as Learning Tools (vgAlt), and is also currently editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Games and Computer-Mediated Simulations.

Debbie Gordon

Director, kidsmediacentre
Debbie Gordon is the Director of the kidsmediacentre at Centennial College’s School of Communications, Arts, Media and Design. The kidsmediacentre functions as a think tank and research centre serving the children’s creative industry in Canada. Gordon oversees a myriad of research projects for the centre including user testing, exploring kids’ media futures, and applied research. Since its inception in 2010, the kidsmediacentre has funded more than 25 children’s properties and managed research for Nick Jr, YTV, Treehouse, TVOKids, CBC Kids, eOne Entertainment, Spin Master, 9Story, NDI Media, Breakthrough Entertainment and more.

Richard Lachman

Director, Transmedia Zone and Transmedia Research Centre
Dr. Richard Lachman is Director of the Transmedia Zone and Transmedia Research Centre, and Associate Professor of Digital Media in the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University. A Gemini award-winning producer, Lachman has worked on many highly successful Canadian and US interactive and convergent-media projects over the last 15 years. He completed his doctorate in software recommendation-engines at the University of New England in Australia and holds a Master's degree from the MIT Media Lab in Interactive Cinema. Lachman's interests include transmedia storytelling, digital documentaries, augmented/locative/VR experiences, mixed realities, and collaborative design thinking.

Jeff Santos

Designer, Producer
As a longtime designer and producer in the video game and app industry, Jeff Santos has been passionate about digital interactive content for years. Currently focused on applying what he knows to make childhood education and entertainment more creative, innovative, and engaging, the self-proclaimed comic and cartoon geek has plenty of inspiration and experience from which to draw. His favourite past projects include Atlanta’s Woodruff Park AtL playground, the EA Skate Series, A Charlie Brown Christmas app, and currently TVO’s new digital educational learning product mPower.

Jason Krogh

Jason Krogh is the founder and CEO of Sago Mini, a team dedicating to creating great apps and toys for young children. He has designed and developed interactive media for 15 years, and has worked with clients such as National Geographic, Sprout, Disney Jr, and the Vancouver Olympics.